Top Benefits Working With An Addiction Therapist

Addiction Therapy for when you're feeling lonely, sad, and depressed.

Did you know that almost 21 million Americans have at least one addiction? Of that 21 million, only 10% of adults seek therapeutic treatment. With so many people suffering from various addictions and so few people seeking treatment, finding the right addiction therapy services for you could benefit your daily life.

Addiction can stem from a variety of issues such as trauma, depression or anxiety. With that in mind, an addiction therapist can ensure you get to the root of your issues and offer the right tools to help guide you towards sobriety. But how exactly do you benefit from addiction therapy services?

Here’s what you achieve when seeking an addiction therapist:

  • Find New Perspectives
  • Come Up With New Copying Mechanisms
  • Receive Support
  • Prevent Relapses
  • Work On Your Relationships

Find New Perspectives

With any form of counseling services, a therapist will be able to help the patient to identify any harmful current or past habits and thoughts that make them want to engage in their addictive behaviors. An addiction therapist will work with a patient to not only change these harmful patterns, but help them to figure out where these behaviors originated.

Addiction therapy can help patients to discover new perspectives to treat their addiction and relationships with themselves, as well as the world around them.

Come up With New Coping Mechanisms

A large portion of therapeutic techniques involve working on coping mechanisms. Whether you’re dealing with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety or past traumas, addiction therapy can teach patients ways to work through their tough seasons.

For many suffering from a form of addiction, learning and understanding your triggers can be extremely influential. With the right therapeutic help and proper coping mechanisms, patients can learn how to resist these triggers when they do occur in the future.

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Receive Support

A therapist can serve as the backbone for many individuals seeking unbiased support and guidance. This includes those suffering from addiction. For many people who are addicted to substances, they can often feel like they have no one to turn to. This is another added benefit to seeking out addiction therapy services.

An addiction therapist is there to support, guide and treat an individual suffering from addiction and other related mental health issues. When a person signs up for addiction counseling, they are able to create a professional, confidential connection with a trained therapist who truly cares about helping them. This added level of support can ultimately affect the trajectory of growth and sobriety for an individual suffering from some form of addictive behaviors.

Prevent Relapses

Without the right support system in place or proper coping mechanisms, those suffering from addiction or other mental health related issues can often experience periods of relapse. However, when an individual feels the urge to engage in their addictive behaviors, an addiction therapist can sway them in the right direction. With the tools, techniques and support offered by a professional addiction therapist, a patient can steer clear of potential relapses and stay on the right track.

Like most people, we all need a bit of help sometimes. For many suffering from addiction, their addictive behaviors may have led them to become isolated within their daily life. An addiction therapist will ensure that these individuals feel support when they need it most.

Work on Your Relationships

For many, addictive behaviors can lead to relationship strains. Often, when an individual suffers from some form of addiction, they can experience broken familial and friend relationships or find themselves stuck in harmful communities. With the right addiction therapy services, a patient can learn to repair these relationships.

An addiction therapist will be able to offer any necessary advice to repair broken relationships and help to create new, healthy relationships. This is an essential part of a successful recovery for those suffering from addiction. Creating and maintaining healthy relationships outside of their addictive behaviors can be a challenge for many. With the right counseling services, addiction relationship recovery can come much more easily.

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Dr. Katherine Nicodemus is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience with diverse patient populations. Her approach to treatment is based on her training in psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

She believes that when a patient comes to see a therapist, they often ask these questions: “Will I feel safe, will I be heard without judgment and can this unknown person be trusted?” The therapeutic relationship is the most profound, protected, and valuable asset created between the psychologist and the patient. Dr. Katharine Nicodemus helps her patients to find courage and the ability to trust, so that the issues grappled with can be explored and understood to promote healing.

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